Red Accent Wall In Bedroom : Picking Your Right Color

Red Accent Wall In Bedroom : Picking Your Right Color

Red accent wall in the bedroom is the perfect choice for you who likes to make your room more energic because red brings some energic vibes. Bedroom decorating ideas can be endless when you want everything in your room to be perfect. The color that you’ll pick plays an important role in the overall your bedroom’s design. For example, red is a very powerful color, especially when you’re using it on the walls. So to avoid going overboard, here are some tips for you when you want to decorate your bedroom with red color.

Red Accent Wall in Master Bedroom

When you have a red accent wall in the bedroom, try using complementary colors like sky blue to create some contrast color. The color of the bed covers and other items can also be kept uniform to retaining the charm of the room because red combined well with a variety of colors, including the timeless black and white. Including too many bright colors when the background is red can result in a mess so try to avoid them. For the furniture, wooden furniture is one of the best options when the color of your bedroom wall is red. Dark wood is always preferable in this case for your bedroom. If you desire to bring the shade of modernity in your bedroom, go for black furniture on it. The combination of red and black is incomparable and can create a beautiful ambiance in your own bedroom. Red is likewise a color that could bring a retro planning to your room and also there are several choices to pick from and placing a black wooden framework against the red wall can be no less compared to jaw-dropping. If you opt for a red accent wall in your bedroom, you should pick the color elsewhere in the room using textiles and decorative accessories on it. Try to also create contrasts using the classical black and white combo in your red accent wall. Also, if you think painting an entire wall red is a little too much for your taste, you can paint a few red stripes. You can even create interesting geometric patterns, but with the red color on it. Also, you can use a red accent wall to bring out the beauty of your decorative eye-catching wall decals and artwork. You can use white or black frames to display your pieces so they really stand out in your bedroom.

Dark Red Accent wall in Bedroom

The red color, when you use it in combination with certain textures and specific elements, has the potential to give a dramatic look to your bedroom. For example, long, red, and also velvety curtains can make a space look theatrical, almost like a stage. A similar effect can be created through ruffled bedding or red walls and also the furniture on it. That’s about the tips for you who want to apply a red accent wall in the bedroom.

Red accent wall small Bedroom

Published on Sep 24, 2016 | Under Bedroom | By Kiki
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